Treated - 4mm Jute Rope

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At 4mm diameter this is slightly thinner jute rope than your standard 6mm shibari ropes.  Typically these can be used for detail work, or accents such as hair, hands, toes, or for shibari "lacing".

Information & specs:

  • Jute rope
  • single-ply
  • 4mm diameter
  • natural
  • 7.5 meter lengths
  • expertly treated (singed, oiled, and softened)
  • ends: overhand knots
  • source: Ogawa (Japan)

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Quality - Great/Versatile Size

I am so pleased with all my ropes and the 4mm jute rope in particular is good for exactly what it's listed. Great for getting between fingers and toes and have found it to be a better/more snug option for ties on finer hair...but that's just my personal experience :) May you get this rope, enjoy the smell, sound and experiences you create with it yourself! Will certainly be back for more.