Mini Travel-sized Rope Care Kit

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Our mini rope care kit contains everything you need to care for your ropes, in a compact travel-sized pouch. The rope paste and oils are the precise same formulation we use when treating all our rope, and will help keep your ropes feeling great while helping prevent wear.

We know from experience that travelling can be harsh on natural fibre ropes. The change in climate can dry ropes out, leading to them feeling brittle and difficult to tie with. Dry ropes tend to twist on themselves, and get damaged more easily due to shedding. Keeping your ropes well-lubricated also helps protect your hands.

How much oil or paste you want in your ropes depends on personal preference, and on the climate where you're tying. In humid climiates you'll often want to condition your ropes with more oil, as this prevents them from sticking to your hands when tying. The rope paste contains beeswax, which is useful to help maintain the oil in the rope for longer.

  • Black EMT shears
  • 50ml Rope Goo (our handmade beeswax and tsubaki oil paste)
  • 60ml Rope Lube (blend of camellia and jojoba oils)
  • Small fabric pouch

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Rope kit

Really happy with my order ! My rope is super smooth and shiny and it’s not painful to use after wax and oils, thanks guys !! <3